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Aczone Coupon 2018

Pharmachological Effect

Aczone is an antibiotic.

Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections. The drug Aczone is intended to treat opportunistic infections within people suffering from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is produced by a pharmaceutical company "Yakobus".


Aczone is usually prescribed to the patients suffering from leprosy or skin problems, which are called dermatitis herpetiformis.

Many bacteria are common in the environment we live in and they live in a human’s organisms. If a healthy immune system is healthy, so it can fight and control them. At the same time, HIV infection can weaken the human’s immune system. The infections that are developed if the immune defense is weak are called "opportunistic infections". Opportunistic infections can occur in HIV- infected patients with an advanced stage HIV infection.

One kind of the opportunistic infections in people with HIV is PCP, pneumocystis pneumonia, which affects the lungs.

For the treatment of PCP, your doctor can prescribe a combination of trimethoprim and Aczone. Aczone is also used for the prevention of PCP.

Another kind of an opportunistic infection is toxoplasmosis (toxo). It affects the brain. Toxo can occur in people who have a CD4 cell level below 100. To treat toxo, Aczone can be used in combination with the drug pyrimethamine. This combination can also be used to prevent toxo.


Some people may have an allergy to Aczone. Make sure that your doctor knows that you are allergic to antibiotics.

Aczone may cause anemia. People suffering from anemia should discuss it with their doctor to realize whether Aczone is the best medicine for them.

Some people have a low level of enzyme, known as glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase or G6PD. Up to 15% of African-American men, as well as many men of Mediterranean origin, have a low level of this enzyme, they should not take Aczone. It may give rise to the development of severe anemia.

Taking Aczone during pregnancy can increase the risk of congenital pathologies. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid taking Aczone, if it is possible.

The Drug Resistance

Whenever you take drugs, do not forget to take all the prescribed doses. Many people stop taking a drug when they start to feel better. This is not a good idea. If the medicine does not kill all the bacteria, they can change (mutate) to survive even when you take the medicine. When it happens, the drug will stop working. This phenomenon is called "acquired resistance" to the drug.

For example, if you take Aczone to fight PP and you skip the time of taking the drug too many times, then the PP will become resistant to Aczone in your organism. Then to fight pneumonia you will be have to take another medicine or a combination of drugs.

Application Method And The Dosage

Aczone is produced in the form of tablets of 25 or 100 milligrams (mg). It is usually taken once a day or three times a week. The dosage of the drug Aczone depends on the type of infection that you are trying to cure or prevent.

The therapy continues as long as the number of CD4 cells in your body becomes low enough to develop toxoplasmosis or PP.

Aczone can be taken with food or without it. If you have an upset stomach using Aczone, so take the drug with food.

Side Effects

Taking the drug Aczone may cause anemia, the loss of red blood cells. An upset stomach may be observed during the therapy with the drug Aczone. Some patients may experience nausea, pain in the legs or back, vomiting, headache, dizziness, or peripheral neuropathy. Aczone may increase human’s sensitivity to sunlight. If it is observed, it is recommended to use skin protective products and / or wearing sunglasses.

If your skin becomes pale or yellowish or if you have a sore throat, fever, or rash after a few weeks of taking the drug Aczone, so you should discuss it with your doctor, as all these symptoms may be a sign of a serious reaction to the drug and its components.