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If you are facing foreclosure or simply don’t want the hassle of selling your house yourself, here is a checklist on how to sell your house with liens. Liens can be added at any time before or during a foreclosure sale, and if given the option to include them at the time of sale, your house will sell faster and for more money than an auction does. Here are some tips for selling your house with liens:

Sell it Directly to the Lender

Try selling your house directly to the lender or another buyer. If this is possible, there’s nothing else left for you to worry about – many lenders give low-interest loans with the intent that you pay them enough so they get their money back with interest. So if there’s a way for both parties to benefit from a deal, there should be no reason why foreclosure should not be cancelled. Click here for our company history:

E-mail the lender you are selling to

You can send an e-mail to the lender informing them of your intentions. In the email, explain in detail why you are choosing not to participate in an auction. Alternatively, call their office and speak with someone directly; be sure they understand everything completely.

Negotiate with the Lender

If you feel your lender is unwilling to help you, visit a foreclosure center website. Most of them have an online form where you can send in your information and ask for assistance before any liens are placed on your house. Furthermore, these centers will connect you with lawyers who can negotiate on your behalf so that the foreclosure sale can be cancelled.

Put the lien on your house

When searching for a lien holder to sell your house, be sure to understand their procedures and fees. Most will contact the lender to discuss terms such as any debts that need paying off, what type of loan they can provide, and how much it would cost to sell the house. If you are lucky enough, they may sell your house and avoid foreclosure proceedings altogether.

Re-negotiate with the lender

Once your house is sold to a lien holder, contact the lender and ask how much they are willing to pay. Be sure to mention that you only plan on selling it if they cancel the foreclosure sale. It’s always beneficial to negotiate with them beforehand; if you know for certain they won’t cancel it, then you might get more money out of them than expected.