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Are you thinking of giving your home’s exterior a complete makeover? It makes it wise to start considering replacing windows when repairing your siding. After all, you want to ensure that the aesthetics of your house all work together to create a cohesive overall impact. Is it, however, preferable to repair both the windows and the siding at the same time? is one of the best sites to solve all your queries regarding your windows.

How Window Capping Can Affect Your Siding

A moisture barrier is typically added by installers behind the window frame, extending below the siding. To install that barrier, your contractor may need to cut through your friendly new siding if they install the siding before replacing the windows. Even while doing things in this order isn’t always a bad idea, it isn’t the best condition. The cost of installing your windows may increase, or the siding may look mutilated if any of it is redone.

Furthermore, because the capping on your original windows will most likely be broken when the siding is removed, your installer will most likely want to recapture your windows immediately, whether they are new or not. That implies that if you do your siding first and then replace your windows, you’ll have to pay extra to have the windows recapped twice. If you replaced the windows and siding at the same time, the capping would be completed when the windows were replaced.

The majority of the time, new windows solve more issues than siding.

If your budget forces you to choose between two options, windows are nearly always the best choice. Not only are modern windows more aesthetically beautiful, but they also allow more air and wind to pass through than siding. New windows may help insulate your home, save you money on energy costs, and improve your home’s comfort. When you replace your windows, you should consider reinserting any gaps between the window and the wall.

While new siding can look good and protect your property, you can always budget for new siding in the future.


What your home needs the most will ultimately determine your choice. If your siding is in poor condition, but your windows can last longer, take care of the most severe issue first. If both projects can be delayed, it may make more economic sense to do so to minimize duplicative effort and expenditures.