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Medical abortion (other name: abortion pill) - the method of artificial termination of pregnancy in the early stages, which does not require surgical intervention. It is carried out with the help of medicines taken orally (i.e., inside in the form of tablets).

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Drugs for medical abortion: Cytotec (Misoprostol) and Mifepristone.

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The intake of these drugs after conception has a complex chemical effect on the woman's organism, leading to the rejection and death of the fetus.

The fertilized egg in this case is nothing more than a human embryo, which is at the very first stage of its formation. Destruction of the embryo, of course, as in the case of surgical abortion, leads to the termination of pregnancy. So, we see that medical abortion, at first glance, is quite simple in execution, and most importantly, is largely safe, in comparison with surgical abortion.

Method Of Implementation

On a repeat visit to an obstetrician / gynecologist, the patient signs consent to perform an induced abortion through pharmacological drugs. How is medical abortion, determines the clinical protocol.

At a gestation period of up to 63 days, 200 mg of Mifepristone, which the woman drinks with a doctor, is used. Within 1-2 hours you need to monitor the doctor, after which you can go home.

If the period is 49 days, the next visit in 24-48 hours is 200 mcg of misoprostol. At pregnancy of 50-63 days 800 mkg of a preparation are used. This drug should be placed under the tongue, the cheek or deep in the vagina. With the last method of administration, it is necessary to lie down for 30 minutes. The patient should be observed 3-4 hours. During this period, most people bleed. If this does not happen, to achieve the result, the Misoprostol 400 mcg tablet is taken one more time.

The signs of abortion are identical to spontaneous miscarriage. A woman feels how abdominal pain hurts, menstrual-like discharge appears.

How Long Does The Bleeding Last?

Most women express it for 7-9 days. Prenatal discharge after the procedure is rarely observed until the next menstruation. If the manipulation is carried out at a period of 3-4 weeks, then bleeding is not much different from menstruation. With an increase in the duration of the blood supply increases, sometimes it may be necessary to use hemostatic therapy.

After 14 days, you need to come for a follow-up visit. This is necessary to confirm the interruption that has occurred. If an unsuccessful medical abortion has occurred, then aspiration from the uterus is prescribed.

On the recommendation of the WHO, interruption with Mifepristone is possible up to 22 weeks, but the severity of the bleeding increases in parallel with the term. In this case, for the duration of the procedure, the patient is hospitalized in a hospital, where there is an operating room and emergency surgical care is possible.

The use of oral contraceptives for a long time before the onset of pregnancy also affects the hemostasis system. But this contraindication is relative. If the results of the coagulogram show no pathological abnormalities, then this method of interruption can be used.

If the pregnancy occurred against the background of the established IUD, then before the procedure, its extraction is performed. Further tactics do not differ from the standards.

Bronchial asthma, high blood pressure and glaucoma are diseases that respond to prostaglandins. Therefore, with these pathologies, the use of misoprostol is contraindicated.

Possible Complications

Despite a small number of complications, we shoul know possible risks of abortion pill. In 85% of cases, adverse reactions in the form of abdominal pain and bleeding are moderately expressed, special treatment is not required.

In other cases, manipulation can lead to the following complications:.

  • Severe pain syndrome;
  • Heavy bleeding;
  • Temperature;
  • Incomplete abortion;
  • Progressing pregnancy.

Pain in the lower abdomen is observed during the expulsion of abortion products. Its intensity may be different, but the individual threshold of tolerance also has significance.

Significant bleeding is considered, if for an hour you have to change two gaskets, and this condition is observed for at least 2 hours. In this case, the vacuum-aspiration of the contents of the uterus is shown to stop it. In severe cases, surgical cleaning is performed.

In 2-5% of cases the medabort is not complete. Then, it is also necessary to perform vacuum aspiration or curettage of the uterine cavity. Less than 1% of cases ends with the progression of pregnancy. If a woman insists on abortion, then use invasive methods. Those who have changed their decision, it is necessary to bring a report on the possible teratogenic effect of drugs on the fetus. But the data on the confirmation of this fact is not enough.

Recovery Period after Medical Abortion

After taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol, there is no malfunction of the menstrual cycle. But when it begins and how many months last after a medical abortion, it's hard to predict. The deadline for the procedure is important, after an earlier interruption, the cycle is restored faster.

The first menstruation can begin in 30-50 days. But medabort does not affect the onset of ovulation, so in the first cycle, a new fertilization is possible. To avoid this, immediately after the procedure the doctor prescribes combined oral contraceptives.

Despite numerous positive points, abortion by pill is not an ideal method. Any interference with the internal environment can lead to unpleasant consequences. To avoid them, you need to correctly approach contraception and family planning, and not solve the problem after its appearance.

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