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Bystolic it is a modern drug against hypertension and various cardiac pathologies. Active ingredient of the drug - nebivolol – is a cardioselective beta 1-blocker, ie, a component that blocks the stimulation of specific receptors and the nerve impulses. As a result, we got reduced blood pressure, dilate blood vessels, reducing the load on the heart muscle, and the heart rhythm is restored. Under the influence of Bystolic released compound, relaxing vascular wall. Manufacturers claim that this drug is a "drug of first choice" for some diseases of the cardiovascular system. Among the properties that distinguish Bystolic described: reduction in blood pressure both at rest and during stress, and in stressful situations; decrease in myocardial oxygen demand; slowing heart rate, reducing the frequency and severity of angina attacks; a beneficial effect on the cellular level. In its activity it is clearly superior to, for example, Atenolol belongs to the same pharmacological group. This drug does not disturb the metabolism, potency, it is convenient to use. The main indications for use are hypertension, angina and ischemic heart disease.

Bystolic goes in the form of tablets. Manual preparation gives details about its standard dosing for patients in various states.


Despite the high safety of Bystolic in 2018 the list of its contraindications, after all, is quite wide. This includes a variety of diseases, leading to lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, violate nerve conduction, as well as severe failure of the liver, asthma, childhood. Pregnant women and mothers who breast-fed baby can’t take Bystolic. There is an extensive list of pathologies and conditions in which treatment with this drug should be limited and be conducted with extreme caution. These include: the first type of diabetes, muscle weakness, age older than 75 years, and others.

Side effects and overdose

There may be a variety of systemic reactions while taking this medication. For example, sleep disturbances, dizziness, hallucinations, depression, convulsions. From the digestive system likely dyspepsia. Described are also undesirable effects of the heart or blood vessels, such as slowing of heart rate, pressure drop, edema and so on. Allergic reactions to Bystolic can be expressed in skin rashes and bronchospasm, and in increasing the sensitivity. developing "withdrawal" a dramatic treatment.

Bystolic overdose is increasing its negative effects, namely: a sharp drop in blood pressure, slowed heartbeat, bronchospasm, AV-block - up to a cardiac arrest. The patient in this condition requires immediate medical attention.

Bystolic Reviews

Reading the reviews about Bystolic or any other drugs used for angina or high blood pressure, you need to take into account the fact that the causes of these conditions are always very different, and the reaction of the organism - the individual. Therefore, reviews of any drugs used in this field can not be positive or negative in the vast majority. However, you may notice that Bystolic is suitable for many patients. Some only accept it and their health has improved. In most cases, antianginal drugs are prescribed in treatment of problems of the cardiovascular system.

The main role in the treatment of hypertension or heart disease plays a competent and very thin selection of medicines and their usage patterns. There is no doubt that only a qualified doctor is able to correctly assess the clinical picture of a specific disease in the patient and recommend individual treatment.

There are a lot of preparations for the treatment of heart failure and pressure reducing. And Bystolic is not a leader among them. Not because it is worse, but simply due to the fact that he is not the first in the list of standards. Nevertheless, here are some reviews of Bystolic leave those patients, whom he appointed:

- I'm already a few years on the circuit plus Bystolic. The pressure is adjusted very well. I can not even remember when I last had a crisis.

- Agree Bystolic. Very convenient for me medicine - drunk in the morning, and dwell on without panic, it is necessary to measure blood pressure, pulse. Got it for good price using coupons.

Doctors in articles devoted to cardiovascular disease, say that often use Bystolic is enough to normalize the patient's condition. If failure of this therapy, in some cases, it is recommended to transfer the patient to Bystolic reinforced diuretic component or amlodipine.

Bystolic Reviews are mostly positive, many patients say its rapid therapeutic effect. Most people wrote that this drug lowers blood pressure quickly and effectively.

My father took Bystolic six months, during this time have been problems with the heart activity, reduce pressure, almost completely passed angina. His condition became stable again involved in active life. On the side effects father complained.

Some men write a review that Bystolic not only lower blood pressure, but also a positive impact on androgen levels, improved erectile function.

I like people and that after pressure reduction, it does not jump when heavy physical exertion.

Side effects, in the opinion of patients, are very rare. There are complaints that the effective drug, doctors do not prescribe to pensioners, as its value is higher than similar drugs.

Doctor's Opinion:

Bystolic reduces anxiety and symptoms of male aging. Recommended to buy with coupons.