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Be they kids or adults; all deserve to be entertained. The current lifestyle is too stressful, the environment is stressful, and people face various health issues. Especially after the covid pandemic, people’s lives have taken a different turn. They are now more worried, stressed, and lonely. Many even showed depressive symptoms. Now everything is getting in shape again, what about a trip to New Zealand and visiting some auckland arcade?

Games have always been able to calm down the minds and fade away stress. The best pickup can be an arcade. It is where all the tension goes away, and the focus is just on being stress-free. The arcade offers various games, including arcade video games, pinball games, electromechanical games, etc., and the best place to glance at all these games is Auckland.

auckland arcade

Auckland arcades are world famous, and these arcades are set up at public places like malls, restaurants, bars, etc. The gaming machines in the arcade are usually coin-operated. Insert the coins and enjoy the game.

 The games were in great hype, but slowly their prominence degraded with the introduction of PC and video games. The enthusiastic people started spending their leisure at home playing games on their devices. Now the prevalence of these arcades is mostly in malls and amusement arcades. It is more fun to visit these arcades rather than be home. The games are engaging, and the level of fun increases as the difficulty level increases in subsequent stages. Teenagers are more excited in this arena, and most adults, especially the working class, enjoy spending their time to relieve the work-stress.

In Auckland arcade, the games are:

  • Dance-Dance Revolution (DDR)- in this game, the person stands on a platform with foot markings. The person has to step on the footmark that lights up. Follow the lights to perform a complete dance.
  • Mario Kart- is a racing game in which the player sits in a cart and competes against the opponent. The kart is based on Mario’s theme, hence the name.
  • NBA games- in this game, a basket is stuck up on a wall, and the player has to put the ball in the basket to score. The high scorer wins the game. It is like a basketball game; the difference is that in this game, you’ll have to play it standing in one place.
  • Prize games- these games have variety. The most famous of these include the claw game. In this game, a hanging claw with many prizes is enclosed in a box. The player controls the claw from outside with a controller. The player has to grab a gift from the machine and get it to the other side in the outlet box. If the player succeeds, they get the gift; else take the next turn.
  • Zoltar speaks- it is a fortune teller that speaks about the future of the person. It may not be accurate in most cases.

Auckland arcades are the best to experience childhood once again. There are several games, and different skills and presence of mind are required for each game. These are great mood relievers.