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Nootropics is a company base, which studies and develops products for the well-being of children, focusing on the creation of food supplements and medical devices. These are a food supplement for children consisting of B vitamins, inositol and phosphoserine, with dry extracts of eleutherococcus, rhodiola and ginkgo.The aim is to have a positive effect on the memory and concentration of the little ones. We have already seen how eleutherococcus and ginkgo are useful for memory and cognitive functions, while rhodiola is useful in case of physical and mental fatigue best nootropics.

It is an excellent food supplement based on vitamins and plant extracts. B vitamins contribute to the normal function of the immune system, energy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue .

Rhodiola extracts perform a tonic action: it is a plant with phytotherapeutic principles that promote mental alertness and offer benefits in case of stress. Rhodiola has adaptogenic properties, that is, it is capable of transmitting greater resistance to the body, and is an excellent remedy for insomnia, as it shortens the times of falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep . Fundamental factor for a child.

Eleutherococcus is a formidable tonic-adaptogen, which helps the body’s natural defenses, memory and cognitive functions. Ginkgo biloba helps to regain concentration and mental freshness and is a valid aid in seasonal changes.

According to recent studies, there is a direct correlation between eating behaviors and learning difficulties of children and adolescents. A high dosage of sweets and fried foods have been associated with greater learning and attention problems. On the contrary, a balanced diet has shown its positive effects. Integrating a healthy diet with supplements of group B, specific for children, helps to relieve fatigue, increases concentration, fights stress. Ideal for promoting concentration for the little ones.