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Janumet Coupon 2018

Janumet Coupon

This page is about the preparation itself and about the Janumet Coupons too.

Janumet - a drug that reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood. This combination means that the drug is including metformin and sitagliptin. These compounds act at different glucose metabolism. Metformin reduces the absorption of sugar from the digestive system, with increases in insulin tolerance and degradability of carbohydrates. The second component of the drug has an effect on the hormonal system of regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. Sitagliptin action depends on the concentration of glucose in the blood, that is, there is alignment hyperglycemic "peaks", which are particularly dangerous. Unlike some other preparations, the substance will not show such activity at low concentrations in blood sugar, which would lead to hypoglycemia.

Janumet pills in 2018 are used for:

- Diabetes of the second type in conjunction with diet and physical activity - in failure of therapy with metformin alone, sitagliptin, or other combination therapy; The combined use of derivatives of sulfonylurea, or a PPAR-gamma agonist, or insulin;

Janumet is released in the form of tablets, which combine the various doses of active ingredients. The dosage of Sitagliptin is usual 50 mg whilt metformin can vary between 500, 850 or 1000 mg. Instructions of Janumet preparation reports that it should be taken twice a day with meals (maximum dose should not exceed 100 mg of sitagliptin). You should start your treatment with minimal doses, which are determined based on the previous hypoglycemic therapy. Observing the effects of the drug, the dosage is adjusted gradually to achieve stable control of blood glucose concentration.

Contraindications: intolerance to the components of the drug; Conditions that can undermine the health of the kidneys, such as shock, dehydration, infectious processes; Impaired renal function or liver disease; alcoholism; Radiological studies; Metabolic acidosis; Of diabetes of the first type; Pregnancy and lactation; Side effects and overdose

The overdose of the metformin is the main danger when using Janumet. The most anticipated consequence in this case can be a state of lactate acidosis. The most effective means of treatment is hemodialysis.

Janumet Reviews

People with diabetes often use exactly this medicine to control blood sugar levels. positive feedback on Janumet often occur:

- Janumet 500 + 50 for breakfast and dinner. I feel good, keeps the sugar. - I am taking Janumet for a long period. In principle, I have no complaints. If the mission is not to break mode, you live like a normal person. Although constantly looking for and waiting for that will come up with something newer and more effective.

Doctors report that sitagliptin, almost never, does not cause hypoglycemia - and this is a very positive factor.

However, of course, the situation of each individual patient. In addition, some, for example, offer to move to Janumet from Januvia, that is, removed from metformin scheme. Others, on the contrary, "move" in the direction of metformin.

Any person living with diabetes, knows how important it is to control and adjust its state, first, and load power mode. A schema change of use of hypoglycemic drugs already produced in collaboration with the attending physician.

A friend of mine told me about Janumet tablets. He always sat on various diets to somehow fit in doorways. In general, the drug is designed for patients with diabetes, but it is a great help, she said, when combining emergency diet and exercise. I also first "lit up" and decided to try it, but attempts to acquire it in our city have not been successful: not only that the drug is very expensive, so it is also not available, and can be ordered exclusively through the online store in generic form using discount coupons.

Well, I looked online and found there a number of reviews about this drug, despite the fact that he was in medical practice is considered relatively "young". Patients with diabetes the second degree of a medicament according to flee, but at other stages of the progression of the disease the drug is strictly prohibited. What appeared to me very useful and fundamentally changed my desire to acquire it, it's one of the points of contraindications, which clearly states the impossibility of such treatment in case of problems with the kidneys. This is due to the fact that the two active components of Janumet, excreted exclusively via the body, giving him a double burden. So I diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis the drug is completely contraindicated. Many elderly people for the same reasons, can not take the drug, because, as you know, over the years, the kidneys work is becoming increasingly difficult, and Janumet designed only for healthy kidneys. By the way, I also surprised that the comments I have also found regarding diet and efficiency of Janumet.

I took the medicine to very serious medical drugs, which are taken without doctor's top recklessness, and as reported to her friend. However, I think that for the purpose of this drug is very effective.

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