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If you’re like most humans, the idea of dealing with anything involving the legal field is not a pleasant one. It can be difficult to figure out what to do in cases where you need legal representation, and often it can be necessary to find an attorney who specializes in your type of issue. Workers compensation is a personal injury type of situation, and in many cases it may be necessary to find a Hazleton workers’ comp attorney to assist you. Here are tricks for finding a workers compensation attorney.

Check for Online Reviews

The best starting place to find a workers compensation attorney is the internet. It provides more information than you could possibly find in a newspaper or other print media, and it will provide you with the information that you need at your fingertips. Check online reviews of different lawyers to find someone with a good reputation who has experience with your type of issue.

Check Your State’s Government Website

Most states have a website containing state laws, and will have a page dedicated to lawyers. It is here that you can find information regarding the qualifications of attorneys who work within the state. You should also make a search for attorneys who specialize in your specific type of issue.

Ask Around at Meetings or Parties

If you attend various social events, such as parties or sports events, you may be able to get recommendations for people who specialize in your type of situation. Often times, people who have had issues in the past will be willing to recommend an attorney.

Ask Family and Friends

If you have any family or friends who have been hurt by a worker’s comp issue, ask them about their experiences with a workers compensation attorney. These are people who will likely know someone who is well-qualified for your job.

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Check Online Maps

Many states have a website that contains maps of its locations. It is here that you can find general information regarding the locations of lawyers who specialize in your type of case.

Call the State’s Bar Board

There are some states which have a bar association associated with it. Many bar associations will have bars that specialize in different areas, such as personal injury law and workers compensation law.