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Levitra Coupon 2018

Levitra Coupon

Levitra - a drug to restore a normal erection. Its active ingredient is vardenafil current which participates in the complex biochemical processes that provide erectile function. Summarizing the various transformations and interactions to which Levitra acts, we can say that as a result of the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernous of the penis relax, which improves blood circulation and the quality of erections. It should be noted that the drug exerts its effect only if there is sexual stimulation. Effect Levitra therapeutic dose becomes visibly after half an hour - hour after administration and lasts up to six hours. This drug is indicated for the weakness of the patient's own erection.

Levitra in 2018 is produced in the form of tablets. Instructions on the method of preparation according to the selection of individual doses and methods of receiving funds. Not shown using this medication for people with various disorders and diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system; with severe renal insufficiency; hereditary degeneration of the retina; deformation of the penis; Patients with a predisposition, including as a consequence of previous illness to priapism; risk of bleeding, including, at a stomach ulcer; allergic response to Levitra components. This drug should not be taken together with nitrates, such as nitroglycerin, and some other drugs. The use of Levitra is possible only with the age of sixteen.

Side effects and overdose

In the description of the drug it is said that most patients tolerate it well. However, possible headaches, drowsiness, muscular hypertonicity; digestive disorders; negative effects to the cardiovascular system. Also, can develop: a runny nose, breathing difficulties, priapism, glaucoma, various allergic reactions, up to very heavy. If a large overdose Levitra may not have any symptoms, and may develop severe pain in the lower back. In connection with the contraindications and possible adverse effects should undergo a medical examination before taking Levitra.

Reviews of Levitra

On the men's forum, you can read a variety of reviews about Levitra. For example, it will often try to compare with others, not less popular tools, such as Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra. No reliable conclusions on the basis of these "tests" can not be done: some more "liked" Levitra if other means are not strictly come, and the other patient did not give her the preference. From the positive reviews about Levitra can cause this:

  • time of effect 30-60 minutes - optimally;
  • total duration - is also quite physiologically;
  • erection occurs only in the predisposing situation and not by itself.

Some men noted side effects of Levitra - from nasal congestion, before the emergence of vascular tides.

Comparing different drugs that affect erectile function - is not true, as they have different active ingredients and mechanisms of action. Therefore, they must be applied after the test men and to identify the main causes of violations of his erection. In addition, you should keep in mind that the "test" of drugs on itself can lead to serious consequences, which will make the prospects for a happy sexual life even more elusive

Levitra Coupon

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