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CBD or Cannabidiol is a popular natural treatment taken in consideration and even many scientists have also vouched for its potential for treating severe pain, anxiety, or other ailments. As many humans experience benefits of CBD oil, some are even starting to use cbd for dogs too.

How Does CBD Work For Dogs?

Like humans, even dogs have endocannabinoid system in the molecular structure. When signaling molecules, ECS cells have an important role of telling your body’s systems what your brain wants or accomplished; they will relay these instructions to your immune system and other organs when brain senses the imbalance of any type, like pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation, among many more.

There’re two types of CBD: endocannabinoids & phytocannabinoids. The endocannabinoids are one found in the humans & animals; and phytocannabinoids are found in plants, like cannabis. It has been found that the phytocannabinoids found in the CBD plant will mimic body’s own endocannabinoids just by communicating with the cannabinoid receptors C1 & C2; it is the primary basis for the optimism on the products that have CBD.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Use of the CBD products is growing in huge popularity among humans, but should you give the CBD products to your pet? Is this safe for our pet friends? Most of the vets have recommended CBD oil for pets, even as the veterinary scientific research in the new therapy is in the infancy.

Some studies in humans have shown that CBD have certain anti-inflammatory effects will help with pain, aggression, muscle spasms, anxiety, seizures, and other neurological disorders. There is lots of anecdotal proof from the pet parents on social media, forum and various other channels regarding benefits that they have seen in pet from the use of CBD. Besides you need to note we have not seen reports of any major side effects and negative health issues from the pet parents (veterinarians) using CBD treats.