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Premarin Coupon 2018

Premarin Coupon

Premarin is a product of estrogen. It contains a mixture of naturally occurring equine estrogens (conjugated estrogens), which are similar to endogenous estrogens. In target tissues (organs of the female urogenital system, breast, hypothalamus, pituitary) estrogens penetrate into the cells and binding to nuclear estrogen receptors, regulate protein synthesis and RNA, causing metabolic effects.

Preparation easier and relieves climacteric syndrome associated with estrogen deficiency: vasomotor disorders (including hot flashes), and urogenital symptoms (atrophic vaginitis and atrophic urethritis).

Premarin in 2018 prevents the development of post-menopausal osteoporosis, reduces bone resorption, but does not stimulate bone formation.

The preparation increases HDL, lower LDL and total cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

When using Premarin as replacement therapy in female hypogonadism or primary ovarian insufficiency noted the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in patients.

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Premarin Dosage and Administration

Inside, the average dose for a cyclic application - 0.625-1.25 mg / day for 21 days, with an interval of 7 days for all indications, except for certain cases of breast carcinoma, prostate and prevent lactostasis. With continuous treatment taken daily for 1 admission.

In the presence of menstrual bleeding, are treated with 5 days of the menstrual cycle, and from 15 to 21 days additionally designate a progestogen preparation. Prolonged absence of menstruation treatment begin any day. If necessary, for 5-7 days of treatment the daily dose may be increased to 3.75 mg, then it was reduced to 1.25 mg.

If intermenstrual bleeding during therapy last dose estrogen increase. In the next cycle of the prescribed dose of the drug, which is needed to stop the bleeding in the previous cycle. In subsequent cycles the estrogen dose is gradually reduced to maintenance.

When menopause syndrome appoint cycles of 1.25 mg of the drug daily. Dose increase or decrease depending on the severity of the symptoms and the patient's response.

In postmenopausal women as replacement therapy for conditions caused by estrogen deficiency - by 0.3-1.25 mg daily cycles.

Premarin Questions

Help me please. I'm 73 years old, I cannot cope with a burning sensation in the perineum. On doctor's advice use Premarin cream first 2, is now 3 times a week, but the effect is negligible. I am waiting for your advice Hello! I am 48 years old. Monthly latter were in June, before six months were missing. I live abroad, doctors here recommend a natural course of events if the state allows, I bought drugs with tsimifugoy so ka constant torment sweating, helps a little. Take Premarin say. It HRT. I still very much suffer from numbness of the right hand of the night, just hurt all the fingers, it only happens at night. Advise what to do-whether to take HRT? And if not, than to alleviate the symptoms?

Hello, Doctor! I'm 51 yo and concerned about the issue of menopause. My older sister climax came in 48 years, it has been very painful. I have no symptoms of menopause, I have heard that there are any preparations (injections), which allow transfer of menopause safely. Tell me, please, what kind of drug is Premarin? Thank you

I am 36 years old, he underwent two births (second in 1999g- cesarean). Recently (in February) did ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis. It seems to have found nothing, except for small fibroids. There is nothing, in principle, is not worried. Nevertheless, today on the 16th day of the cycle, I had an unusual allocation of almost black color, smear with mucous plug (I happen is during ovulation days, only a muddy like a rubber something out). I was scared by black color of mucus, which admixed with the usual selection. What the heck was that? Just as long as the weekend, to see a doctor at least a couple of days I shall get. Thank you!