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Rogaine is a drug designed for androgenetic alopecia treatment, that is, male-pattern baldness. The active current component of the tool is minoxidil - a substance that dilates blood vessels and thus improves the nutrition of hair, increases metabolism. However, this drug interacts directly with the roots of the hair - hair follicles. Rogaine efficiency in women is higher than that one in men. It is noted that treatment should start as soon as possible, with a small area of baldness. Manufacturers argue that hair regrowth and stopping of hair loss can be expected in about three or four months. In addition, if you stop to use Rogaine, then in the same time, the pathological process resumes. That is, the treatment should be performed constantly.

Rogaine in 2018 applied topically, so a bottle attached different types of baits: spray and rubbing. For information on how to properly use these nozzles, said instruction preparation. Do not use Rogaine in people who have idiosyncrasy of its components, as well as for injuries, skin integrity violation of the head, the presence of dermatitis, inflammation, ulceration at the site of application. Possible effects of the drug on the fetus during pregnancy or lactating infants - is not known.

The problem of baldness or alopecia, unfortunately, affects more people. Not only men, for whom hair loss, in general, physiological, and women suffer from various forms of violation of hair.

Minoxidil is the name of the active ingredient, which include a variety of medications. It was developed as a vasodilator. Nevertheless, it was noted that the substance is able to improve the condition of androgenic alopecia when - that is, hair loss, caused by the high concentration of male hormones.

It is not known why Minoxidil has a similar effect it is in this pathology. However, this effect is confirmed by numerous tests. Treatment with minoxidil better effect on the patient. In men, the hair follicles recovering health to a lesser extent.

Used for:

• androgenetic alopecia;

Producing special medicine based on minoxidil - Rogaine. The packaging solution can be found with nozzles that allow rub, spray it to the fullest to treat the scalp.

Instructions drug (active substance) Minoxidil said that it should be used twice a day. The first effect is expected in a few months. As the cause of hair loss is not eliminated - apply minoxidil should be kept. About the use of the scheme is to find out from the doctor.


  • damage to the integrity of the scalp - ulcerations, wounds, abrasions and so on;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Treatment of minor patients;

Side effects

The use of this substance can cause irritation and flaking of the scalp. Sometimes the body, including the face, hair begins to grow. Temporary effect of minoxidil can be a strengthening of hair loss, approximately, by the end of the second - the sixth week of treatment. It is believed that at this point the hair follicles go from "dormant" stage to the stage of active hair growth. This undesirable effect should last no longer than a couple of weeks.

Since minoxidil, after all, designed as a vasodilator substance, in some patients it may cause a reduction in pressure.

Rogaine Reviews

It should be noted that reviews of minoxidil fully reflect the selectivity of its action. There are people who get a good effect, and is very pleased with the results, ready for the rest of life to use drugs with the same substance, if only to keep the hair:

• - I began to see the effect of minoxidil, approximately, from the fourth month. First, on the balding areas appeared thin hairs. Then they began to thicken and darken. Of course, youth violence of head of hair will not return, but now kind of hairstyle is much better.

• - I like minokidil. I it is applied on a daily basis - three months hair is better, thicker. Doctor said that we should continue in the same spirit of the time.

But there are patients who are totally disappointed in this medicine:

• - for six months, like clockwork, I apply minoxidil. Health of the hair still remained on the head, according to my subjective feelings, has improved. However, the bald areas have not gone away.

• - I used and two percent and five percent minoxidil - no effect. Perhaps I have a different type of hair loss ...

Indeed, it is important to reiterate that the substance is only valid for androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, you must first consult your doctor, who will deliver an accurate diagnosis, and then to seek treatment for. Men tend to immediately advise use drugs with 5% minoxidil concentration, since this component which acts to a lesser degree than females.

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