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Many people like to play music; nowadays, various instruments are available. A concertina is a free-reed instrument like a harmonica or accordion, which consist of contracting and expanding bellows and buttons on both ends. People use concertina for traditional music in England, Ireland, South Africa, Polka and Tango music.

Types of concertinas:

There are various models of concertina available with multiple buttons. The smallest number of buttons in a concertina is ten, and the largest consists of around 70. there are endless possibilities in the number of buttons in a concertina. You can choose the instrument according to your instrument knowledge level. If you are in the basics, choose the smallest one and go for the larger ones once you master the tool.

  1. Anglo concertinas: anglo concertinas consist of 20 to 30 keys and are primarily used for Irish music. This type of concertina is perfect for beginners, and if you wish to become a proficient player, you need to train in 30 key Anglo concertina.
  2. English and duet concertinas: Irish and English folk music can be played with the help of English concertinas. These consist of 30 to 48 keys, similar to a piano accordion. Duet concertinas are very similar to English concertinas but differ in the keys laid out.
  3. German concertinas: the most significant difference in german concertinas is their shape. The base is diatonic with two rows on both sides, and each extra row is fifth-tuned higher.


How to play the concertina?

  1. Hold the instrument with your fingers through concertina straps. Do it on both sides and keep your thumb outside.
  2. The right hand must be close to the air button if the tool is on the right side.
  3. With various octaves, learn to play G and E notes and then move to learn further notes.
  4. Get familiar with A note.
  5. Add F and D notes
  6. Keep regularly practising with total concentration.

Initially, you need to practice the notes and their movements and memorize them, usually done with regular practice. In the beginning, start playing songs like “Pop Goes The Weasel” and then gradually move to complex songs.

Overall, Playing the concertina is very simple and logical. Once you learn to play the concertina, you can play pleasant music. There are no techniques to master with the instrument. It would be best if you had continuous practice and concentration to master it. Get more information from the website