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Spiriva Coupon 2018

Spiriva is a drug that dilates the bronchi. This is anticholinergic, ie, an agent which blocks the respective light receptors leads to relaxation of the muscles of the bronchi. The time of action of this medication is relatively long (not less than one day). It is provided by the active ingredient - Tiotropium bromide.

This drug’s spasm relief duration is ahead of other similar means, such as Atrovent. The effect is dose-dependent and Spiriva is caused by a local, rather than systemic exposure. Treatment with this drug does not lead to tolerance (habituation); on the third day of taking the preparation, the lung volume is increased. Patients taking Flomax, less likely to suffer from obstructive episodes, exacerbations of obstructive lung disease.

Spiriva in 2018 is used when:

• You need to maintain the state of patients with COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Spiriva HandiHaler is specially designed for inhalation use. This inhaler allows safe to open the capsule with the powder formulation and the maximum inhale it. Guide describes in detail the procedure for preparation and cleaning of HandiHaler application. This procedure should be carried out once a day, adhering to the same time. Taking Spiriva more frequently is not recommended.

Spiriva is contraindicated in:

  • Intolerances its components, as well as atropine;
  • pregnancy (first trimester), children and adolescents (up to the age of majority).

Spiriva Side effects and overdose

Although the drug is used and acts locally, it still can cause some unwanted systemic symptoms. Among them - constipation, dry mouth, urinary retention (in men with BPH and other diseases that contribute to this state), palpitations. Any inhalants, including Flomax can cause bronchospasm, irritation, coughing. Volunteers, whose health has been confirmed in advance, took the drug in high doses - one-time and for a long time. Hazardous to life effects were recorded. Dry mouth, conjunctivitis - these two symptoms are accompanied by an overdose.

Reviews of Spiriva

This drug does not cause odious polemics. Reviews of Spiriva almost always are restrained and positive. In other words, the drug helps patients with chronic obstruction of bronchi. Its duration of action is also confirmed be the reviewers.

The most messages about Spiriva concerns about the need for and the manner of its application. For example, patients are trying to learn how to combine the drug with other drugs. They describe their treatment regimen, which includes, as well, hormonal medications. For Spiriva - a drug with long-term maintenance of remission and exacerbation periods necessary to use other, more powerful, and short acting agents.

When it comes to the treatment of asthma, doctors and pharmacists do not exclude the possibility of using Spiriva. Nevertheless, they stress that it is still a medicine that focuses primarily on patients with COPD. If you are assigned a means of Spiriva, you should ask a doctor, how to apply it, using HandiHaler. Experts point out that even patients with more "experience" of using different inhalers often make some mistakes, which lead to incomplete or incorrect administration of drugs.

Reviews of Spiriva Coupons are positive. Patients confirmed high efficiency and duration of drug action:

• Spiriva helps to quickly remove shortness of breath after the first inhalation, but treatment still need to continue.

There are reviews of good results in the application of Spiriva as an additional tool in bronchial asthma. Such treatment has helped alleviate a common condition of many patients.

But there is a feedback and the uselessness of the product:

• I did Spiriva inhalation for two months, no result yet. Now I ask my doctor to prescribe another treatment. Some patients have trouble using inhalers. Therefore, doctors recommend to take a few inhalations in their presence, to immediately point out any mistakes. The manual details how to use the inhaler.

Many doctors believe these drugs are "golden mean" during the maintenance treatment of COPD.