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Strattera Coupon 2018

Strattera is a drug designed to reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The main active ingredient of the drug is Atomoxetine. This material affects the norepinephrine transporter system. The principles of operation of the regulatory system is extremely complex, so we will reduce the description of the pharmacological activity of the drug, saying only that it is able to normalize the condition of the patient, remove the excessive excitability. At the same time, Strattera in 2018 is not a class of psychoactive agents, does not cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms. This product is designed for school-age children and older patients.

Strattera is used when:

- ADHD in patients older than six years.

Strattera's production form - capsule. They are taken once a day or divided into two single dose of reception - morning and evening. In this connection, the Strattera instruction specifically mentions that the capsule can not be opened and splitted! Its contents may cause severe eye irritation, should not fall on the hands and working surfaces. Therefore, if necessary, divide the dose by techniques - should purchase packaging drugs with a lower dose and take the morning and evening over the whole capsule.

If the patient's kidney or liver health suffers - this will slow down the exchange of Atomoxetine. In these cases, Strattera dose should be adjusted downward. Doctor assigning treatment, may increase the dose to achieve the desired effect, and then move the patient to support the preparation.

Strattera is contraindicated in:

  • Treatment with drugs from the group of MAO inhibitors;
  • Heart disease in a severe form;
  • Glaucoma (closure);
  • Individual intolerance to the drug;
  • Breastfeeding and children under school age;

- Administered with caution with this drug - Physical activity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, a history of seizures, pregnancy and so on.

Side effects and overdose of Strattera

This medicine is quite safe, but of course, it has a systemic effect on the body and can cause undesirable effects. For example, more than ten percent of the patients complain of a violation of the digestive or drowsiness, lethargy. In addition, Strattera can have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, cause allergies. In the event of any adverse symptoms, contact your doctor, who will assess their strength, the risk and decide on the termination or continuation of therapy. Some events, such as nausea, accompany it and start receiving Strattera stop treatment is not required.

If overdose with this drug - the patient in need of professional assistance. It takes the willingness to maintain the vital functions of breathing, heart activity. In mild overdose of Strattera typically occurs indigestion, stimulation of the nervous system occurs. However, the known lethal cases of acute overdose.

Reviews of Strattera

The opinions and reviews about Strattera - the most controversial. Despite soothing assurances given in the instructions that the drug is safe enough - in practice it is hard to cure. And of course, no parent Strattera decide to give your child until you come to the realization that other, non-drug methods - no effect.

Many children in the early course of Strattera there are side effects - drowsiness, decreased blood pressure (up to fainting), nausea, mydriasis (pupil dilation). They may occur with different intensity:

- The son was not particularly sluggish. Just lay down to rest during the day, which, of course, does not happen to us without drugs.

- Began to take Strattera - dilated pupils, he says dizzy. Evening reception at us at five o'clock. By the morning feeling better, but the pupils do not come back to normal.

Some of the parents refuses to carry out the treatment with this drug, as it has not been investigated fully. There are reports that some patients have been identified suicidal tendencies in the development of a "blame" the use of Strattera.

From the positive reviews, it can be demonstrated as follows:

- We became a little calmer. A more manageable. I cannot say that the state completely returned to normal, but some changes there.

- Drink the first two weeks plus Giatilin Strattera. Then go to the doctor. Improvements where very implicit. Nevertheless, it is said that only two weeks (at least) one can speak about the effectiveness of the therapy – will see.

In general, it is necessary to understand that Strattera - a drug that is only beginning to be introduced in the practice of the treatment. Despite the fact, that many sources it is called "the primary drug for the treatment of ADHD" - the effect of the drug on the health and condition of the patient requires further study in many ways. Perhaps, then, the instruction of Strattera will be corrected.

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