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You have to agree that sometimes when you are commuting, things can get very tight and very noisy with all the random people who are invading your personal space– while it is true that it might be cheaper, having a car, especially one from smart hong kong, will surely make your travels a hundred times better– here are some more reasons why you should do this:

Convenience and Flexibility

Probably the most important benefit of actually having a car is, in fact its versatility and accessibility. This way, you can just do away with worrying about when the next bus or train is available. This could be helpful if the local transport timetable is erratic, saving you time. It is also possible to choose the shortest or fastest route to the desired location, making you time as opposed to commuting with its various stops,

Comfort and Privacy

Another reason you should consider this whole idea is the privacy and comfort that having your own car can offer you since you dont have to share with people you dont know. In public transportation, it can be hard to get some sense of privacy, especially with so many people around, so having a car will fix just that.

Saving Time

Consequently, having a car can be a lifesaver because you do not waste time. Using public transport entails moving from the home, office or any other place of origin to a bus stop or train station and then to another or to a destination and back home or to a workstation. All these measures can readily translate into anything between a few minutes and half an hour in added time to one’s journey.

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It is also noteworthy that not all regions are guaranteed to be covered with public transportation, especially remote ones or the outskirts. The individuals living or working in such places would prefer to own cars as this would reduce the challenges they encounter while using other means of transport. You do not need to bother whether the bus or the train of your preferred route is available. This is also important if one has to travel during the odd hours of the day or at night or visit places that do not have regular bus or train connectivity.

Convenience for Errands

You can also be more assured that your stuff will be safe as you will be the one loading and unloading it personally—especially at times when you have errands that require you to carry huge bags of groceries. Another thing to note is that you can do these things faster and more efficiently because you are not relying on public transportation to get you places.


And there you have some reasons why you should get a car instead of using public transport. If one of these resonates with you, then it might be a sign that you should get your very own car, so stay safe until then.