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 If you are a homeowner planning to sell your home, you probably know the pinpoints of home staging by now, but do you know the factors that could reduce your home value?

When people list their house for sale, they expect it to sell at a specific value. However, rarely, it is sold at the asking price due to a host of factors working to pull the price down. If you want your house to go at a fair price, it is only clever to know the factor that can reduce the selling cost.

Inadequate parking space

Huge parking space has become a necessity, especially in metropolitan cities. A small parking space is likely to bring down the home value.

Bad floor plan

Small rooms without attached bathrooms or a floor plan that requires people to visit other rooms to enter the bathroom is a negative point.

Need for renovation

Buyers usually want fully furnished and ready-to-move-in houses. If there are a lot of repairs and fixing to be done, buyers are going to steer clear out of the deal. The few who would show interest would bargain till the end and settle for a highly reduced amount.

Poorly maintained property

A poorly maintained house is a buyer’s worst nightmare. With a poorly maintained house, you cannot expect to secure a good deal for your home and will have to sell for less.

Bad ceilings

Cracked or neglected Ceilings cannot be hidden and can reduce your home’s worth.

Peeled paint and flashy decor

Renovating a newly bought house may not sit right with every buyer. The current interior design trend is contemporary and modern. Try to be as close as possible to the ongoing interior style if you want to sell your house for an attractive price.

Bad flooring

Dull, cracked and grimy floors can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers. As cleaning and repairing the floors will add to the client’s pocket, they are more than likely to recover the amount from the money they will pay you.

An unsightly kitchen

A kitchen with a stained and leaking sink and worn-out cabinets will be an ugly sight for all buyers.

Ensure you have considered all these vital points before listing your house. If you want to skip all this trouble, sell your property to