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SaleHoo Group limited is based in New Zealand. Salehoo is an e-commerce based company. It does the active management of, a website specialised in international training, removing the bridge between wholesalers and retailers. If you are looking for Reviews of Salehoo, this can help you.

It is considered to be one of the largest directories for wholesale on the internet. It is also one of the first e-commerce companies for offering wholesale contacts. For reading Reviews of Salehoo, this site can help you. The most amazing thing about it is that it reached almost 10,000+ members right eight months after its creation. It also presently serves over 100,000 retailers and sellers of eBay, located in Canada, Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. The present company of Salehoo, Doubledot Media Limited, gained the title of the 23rd most fastest-growing company in New Zealand on one of the most reputed companies, Deloitte.

Reviews of Salehoo

What are some of the pros and cons of it?

Every customer looks for more pros than cons on whichever site they are shopping from. It is important to be aware of it completely. Here are some of the pros and cons detailed below:-


  • The discovery of the products constituting higher profit margins
  • The organisation of supplier details
  • It facilitates smart seller training
  • You can search for hot selling trends as well as the products which are widely demanded
  • The supplier can give you insider deals
  • Finding ideas of lucrative products as well as low-cost suppliers


  • The data often demands refreshment
  • Salehoo does not sell on their site
  • The profit margin is not that high

With the help of Salehoo, one can find suitable suppliers according to their niche, which also means that it is easy to get access to their desired products at reasonable prices.