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Inspect Your Roof

It is often possible to tell the condition of your roof by looking at it. However, the untrained eye will only sometimes see the problems that a professional can. A roofer can help catch minor problems before they become larger problems. Inspections can be extended every two to three years if you maintain them properly with Newnan Ga Roofing Company. A roof should be inspected periodically.

Branches need to be trimmed.

You can have overhanging tree branches that can scratch your roof or cause an impact if they break, so clean it by Newnan Ga Roofing Company. When planted too close to your house, trees can increase the risk of flooding. It is also possible for pests to get onto your roof through these branches. Trim any tree branches that directly overhang your roof.

Invest in home insulation.

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In addition to lowering energy costs, home insulation can help your roof last longer. Insulating your roof can reduce the build-up of warm air, which can damage the shingles on your roof. It is important to keep an eye on the attic vents when installing insulation. Covering the vents in your attic can cause severe damage to your roof because it keeps the ventilation in your attic running smoothly.

Take care of the roof.

As important as cleaning gutters is, cleaning the roof is just as important. Unfortunately, moss and algae thrive on house roofs. Pressure washing your roof may be tempting, but it shouldn’t be done. Using a high-pressure washer and concentrated water can damage the shingles. Instead, you can use a scrub brush, a bucket of dish soap, and water to remove moss or algae. Moss or algae cleaners can also be used.

Roof Shingle Repair

Roof shingles will inevitably break or even fly off over time. If you live in an area with harsh winds or heavy snowstorms, it is not uncommon for shingles to break off or become irreversibly damaged. Water can seep through a broken or missing shingle and cause the timber beneath it to rot, which can not only cause problems with your roofing structure but can also increase your energy bills because it reduces the efficiency of your roof.