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When looking for an email platform that is easy to learn and use, it will be Gmass. Gmass works inside Google Workspace or Gmail so there is no new software to learn. It makes it easy for people in the world of academics to send customized or personalized emails with mail merge from Google Sheets. If you ask this: is gmass worth it?

Read below to understand how it works and conclude if it is worthy or not for you.

The use of Gmass

Google Sheets mail merge is included in the best ways of sending personalized – individual emails at scale. Since the feature was not built into Gmail and Google Sheets, it is so inspiring to create Gmass. There are over 300,000 active and satisfied users who run a quick and easy, but powerful mail merge from Google Sheets, which is one of the most popular features of Gmass.

You can use Gmass to send simple to complex Gmail mail merges, an ideal solution. It is much easier than trying to implement and tweak Google Apps Script to manage the process. Here are the characteristics of Gmass:

  • More streamlined
  • Intuitive
  • Powerful

With Gmass, sending email merge emails can be done at a maximum of 10 minutes.

Use Gmass for mail merge in Gmail using Google Sheets

A powerful email marketing tool, Gmass, runs mail merge campaigns in Gmail, sending personalized emails to each recipient on your list. The advanced outreach capabilities of the software made it a popular mass email tool. The affordable price and ease of use make the perfect email tool for individuals, startups, and institutions making it worth purchasing.

Instead of wasting time creating a Google script to create an email template for a mail merge, you can use Gmass to send multiple email campaigns faster.

Gmass: How to send a mail merge with Google Sheets

Here are the steps in Gmass to send mail merge with Google Sheets:

  1. Format your spreadsheet
  2. Click to connect
  3. Choose your Google Sheet
  4. Choose your worksheet
  5. Send to all rows
  6. Decide whether you keep duplicates
  7. Update spreadsheet
  8. Personalize email with merge tags
  9. Start mail merge and send the emails

Steps 4 to 8 and up are optional.

If you plan to use Gmass, look for a guide on how to use the software to send mail merge. There are other features that Gmass offers to optimize email campaigns. Use the advanced features of the software as well.