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Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient that plays multiple roles in the human body; while most Americans do not require vitamin  supplements to gain adequate amounts of vitamin C from their diets,  these supplements have become popular owing to their health promoting  effects.

Importance of vitamin C supplementation.

Collagen, and some neurotransmitters require vitamin C for their synthesis. Collagen production and structural integrity depend on an adequate supply of vitamin C. It may alter when collagen is lost due to aging leading to sagging skin or wrinkles eventually. The number and quality of collagen fibers have improved in post-surgery patients who were supplemented with vitamin c.

Tissue repair in the body needs Vitamin C. Increased intake of Vitamin C has been found to increase the rate at which wounds heal by enhancing regenerative processes involving increased deposition of collagen as well as angiogenesis and immune cell activity. It becomes very important especially during post-surgery recovery or wound healing process.

Vitamin C is a reactive oxygen species and an antioxidant present throughout the body of humans frequently having them oxidative stressed cells that significantly contribute to cellular aging process including chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease at large such diseases might be implicated by oxidative stress while free radicals are neutralized by this vitamins towards reducing tissue harm resulting from oxidation and supporting immune functioning.

The amount of toxins smoked by some people may raise oxidative stress levels which will need very high amounts of vitamin c. People undergoing cancer treatment, those living with chronic infections or facing seasonal allergies all require additional amounts of this supplement to meet higher immune activity and inflammation levels. Additionally, sportsmen might have such high requirements for the compound in question.

Some studies have recommended an ideal rate of at least 200 mg/day for the improvement of general health, immune support, prevention of chronic diseases and healthy aging. In agreement with most health professionals’ recommendations, this may be up to 1000 mg if not more. Whole food diet first and then targeted supplementation is the second best recommendation to this effect.

Some important body functions needed for a good immune system are health threats/repairs, enzyme activities/ reactions, antioxidant protection, collagen formations, neurotrans and matter synthesizations and so on; all these can be described as what vitamin C does in our bodies. Adequate intakes either through nutrient-dense foods or high quality vitamin c supplement singapore help prevent many diseases as well as facilitate quick recovery while promoting healthy longevity.


While explicit deficiency is rare nowadays, growing evidence shows that vitamin C reserves are being depleted faster by contemporary lifestyles than in ancient humans.