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The state government should not have students wait until graduation to get their driver’s license. The inability to drive to and from high school would be tough for pupils, and it would exacerbate the situation for working parents who already have tight schedules. Fender benders would be more common if a higher number of drivers were involved. Furthermore, by the time a young person transitions from adolescence to maturity, he has already gained sufficient real-world experience. As a result, this kid is entitled to drive while still in high school. A thoughtful teenager already has a good understanding of life and prospective occupations, as well as enough information to consider their future existence. High schools frequently allow teens to participate in dat xe di noi bai if they have a valid driver’s license and have parental consent.


Driving Exercises

By driving into and out of school every day, your kid may get crucial driving experience. You don’t have to be concerned that she’ll get lost or end up in the wrong lane because the route is well-known. You also have the assurance that if your kid doesn’t show up for a class or is declared late during her first class, the institution will tell you. Some schools require students to complete a brief school-mandated course to learn about available parking lots and campus traffic patterns. The majority of people with high school-aged children work to make ends meet.


Many mothers and fathers who struggle to care for their children already have a lot on their plates. It should not be necessary for parents to drive their children to school. If students do not drive themselves to school, the responsibility will rest with already overburdened parents. Adults have a responsibility to look for their children. As a result, having a teenager who can drive to school every morning relieves these working folks of one of their many obligations.