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The exact dimensions should be identified to manufacture the intermediate layers of the shim sheets. It is possible to compensate for the tolerances if you try to make use of the spacers. The cost-effective tolerance compensation is useful to cater for the requirements of the teprosa users. The production costs can always be reduced if you prefer to know about the cost of the individual components.

  • The high level of events is useful if you can focus more on the finely cut parts.
  • The demonstration samples will be provided free of charge through serial production.
  • The finest sheet metal so you can focus on your day-to-day business needs.
  • The fine blanking parts are always manufactured based on individual requirements.


Enter into the world of fixtures:

The laser fine machining is required to focus more on the level of evenness. The customers who are in the field of fixtures can try to utilize the spacers and shims. The cost-effective tolerance compensation is provided so you can enter into the world of fixtures. A quick response is offered by our eprosa team when you place the online requests on our website.

Production of shims and spacers:

There will be no obligations for the customers so they can select the order quality according to their requirements. The security tips should be followed by the individuals for the production of shims and spacers. The tooling costs are not involved so you can focus more on the modification of the components.