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Velocity House Buyers is one of the most reputed house buyers in the areas of Hudson Valley and Westchester. They buy houses all over the country in a very easy and quick way. As the owner Greg Helbeck himself confirms it is completely customer- profit oriented and inclined towards customers welfare.

Circumstances which can be the reason for selling the house-

  • There may be situations of separation of married couples which may lead to relocation and hence the property can be sold to Velocity House Buyers.
  • The huge stress of repairs and renovation can be completely shifted from the seller’s head. Velocity Home Buyers buy houses without any such repair. They buy the houses ‘as it is’.
  • There may be conditions of squabble between the owners and the tenants. To get rid of such tension between the parties, the property can be called for sale.
  • In the case of paying off a loan, debt, mortgage or tax, the house can be sold to Velocity Home Buyers. The situation of auction can be completely ignored.
  • In case of relocation from Barrytown, New York to some other place due to job or employment, the property can be sold to Velocity Home Buyers.

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Why should one sell their property to Velocity Home Buyers?

  • Zero Fees- by selling the house here, the sellers immune themselves from paying any fee or remuneration to the buyers. A cash offer of value of the property shall be credited to the seller.
  • Zero Repairs- the houses are bought without any repairs and renovation. They buy the house as it is which reduces the burden of the seller.
  • Cash offers- the cash offers are made in a fair way and the veal is closed within 7 days which keeps the trust of the sellers on Velocity Home Buyers alive.

There is no involvement of middlemen or brokers in this case which saves a huge sum of money spent as the commissions for the brokers. The real estate agent can charge almost 5-6% on the sale of the property, however there is no such loss in selling the property to Velocity Home Buyers.