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When should your ageing roof be repaired or replaced? You may have seen your roof’s wear and tear indicators getting worse. Or perhaps a recent strong storm in your neighborhood damaged a few local roofs. Roof damage often leaves signs that you need to replace it, but occasionally it can strike without much notice. You should contact a roofer if you think your roof may be damaged by visiting Following are warning signals that your roof needs to get replaced:

Leaks or Water Damage Are Visible

The most obvious symptom that you need a new roof or roof repair is a leak in your roof. Any leak has developed into a much bigger issue and Harms your valuables and property. If you notice a leak or water damage coming from your e, call the experts at right once to find out whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

The ceiling sags

A drooping ceiling may not appear to be a primary issue, but it could indicate that a hidden roof leak is causing moisture in the roof.

Touching a drooping ceiling with a hand or broomstick will reveal whether it is caused by excess humidity from a leakage, if it feels mushy, or has the consistency of wet cardboard. A professional should get called as soon as possible to fix a sagging ceiling rather than waiting until the leak is visible.

Warning Signs You Need A New Roof Now

Dark Streaks Are Present

Dark streaks and stains on the ceiling are signs that moisture from a leak is getting into the ceiling. The dampness from the roof may also penetrate the walls, staining them from top to bottom. Even if no leaks are visible, dark stains show that water is entering the roof and should get checked for leaks.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

A roof damaged or missing shingles is an obvious sign that the ceiling needs to get replaced.

It shows that the roof is not offering sufficient security and may have deterioration or subpar shingles.

Patches of missing or broken shingles may result in leaks, and the roof should get rebuilt as quickly as possible to prevent further loss of protection.