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Taking on a whole home redesign can feel overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to tackle every room at once. Savvy homeowners often start with one or two key rooms handled by a pro like a Chicago interior design firm. Here are some of the most common rooms interior designers can refresh:


As the hub of the home, a kitchen remodel makes one of the biggest impacts. Designers specify layouts, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, appliances and lighting for maximum beauty and functionality.


Bathroom remodels present endless opportunities to enhance form and function. Designers recommend spatial layouts, plumbing, storage, tile, fixtures, ventilation and accessories for comfort.

Living Rooms

Living rooms allow designers to create an impressive yet inviting common area for family and guests. They balance style with relaxation through furniture, lighting, rugs, drapery and artwork.

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Dining Rooms

Dining rooms offer a chance to elevate entertaining. Designers assemble the perfect table setting through an exquisite table, chairs, centerpiece and serving pieces in keeping with the overall aesthetic.


Bedrooms are all about rest and rejuvenation. Designers curate tranquil spaces with plush beds, serene color palettes, abundant lighting options and storage solutions.

Home Offices

Productive home offices begin with an optimal layout and furnishings. Designers maximize work needs through desk or built-in selection, storage, seating, decor and lighting.

Media Rooms

Media rooms call for AV-friendly, stylish spaces. Designers incorporate easy seating, acoustics, dimmable lighting, screen placement and tech integration during planning.

Outdoor Living

Exterior rooms extend living space. Designers specify climate-appropriate flooring, seating, shade elements, lighting and weather-resistant furnishings.

Redesigning even one key room with an interior designer brings cohesion and purpose to your home. Their skills shine through on both focal entertaining areas like kitchens as well as private retreats like bedrooms and baths.