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Service intervals are set by the car manufacturer and should be followed by you. A car service should take place at regular intervals (at least every year) or when the vehicle reaches a threshold number of miles. In addition to replacing old parts and fluids, visual inspections are conducted to ensure that key components are functioning effectively. Unlike an MOT test, it is a legal inspection in which the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) sets out a strict checklist of requirements at to ensure a vehicle is safe to drive.

It is generally understood that there are three basic types of car service at interim, full, and major. In different garages and dealerships, their packages might be referred to by different names to differentiate themselves. There are always three levels in a tiered pricing structure – do not be confused by this. Depending on how many miles you put on your car in a year, and the level of service you received previously, each package includes everything that is in the level below with some added extras.

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  • Service of interim cars: Rather than having one annual service on your car, you can get an interim service instead. It is the entry-level package usually called a ‘Basic’ or ‘Bronze’ service. Oil changes, oil filter changes, and inspections of the car’s main components, including the lights, tires, and wipers, are typically included in interim car services.
  • Full car service: It is perfect for drivers who only drive a few hundred miles a year and do not want to have their cars serviced every 12 months.
  • Major Car Service: This is also referred to as a ‘Gold’ or ‘Master’ service. It is recommended that your car gets a major service every 24 months or 24,000 miles. It is possible for brake fluid to become contaminated over time, reducing the effectiveness of the brakes, and resulting in slower stop times, which could have serious consequences. It is also important to change the cabin filter, which gets clogged with dust and debris over time.

What is the need for a car service?

It is not a legal requirement to have your car serviced annually, but you should do so to make sure it runs at its best. If your car is not serviced regularly, its performance may decrease.