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Sex is the basic requirement of life; sex is how a new life is created. In fact, nature itself has hardwired association of sex with ‘pleasure’ in human brains and for that matter, humans are not the only species with such genetic dispositions, all species exhibit this behavior. For example, a male peacock displays his plumage in order to attract makes for procreation while some species of snake’s bunch together in swarms and engage in intercourse, a sight which pretty much resembles the dark halls of underground swingers dating club on list crawler but with humans instead.

Unlike most animals, humans enter into a relationship before the act (unless the activity is not a one-night stand or involves a prostitute) and for most people repeated performances of the act with the same person can be boring and mundane, to say simple, their sex life becomes stale. A certain few of that group involved in secret affairs behind their partner’s back. Then there a few exceptionally talented people who convince their partners to participate in a variety of sexual activities (threesome, foursome, orgy) via Swingers dating websites and sexual fetishes (Sex toy use, roleplay, etc. with no involvement of a stranger). Speaking of which, people get excited.

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What is a threesome?

Threesome is a sexual activity in which three people are involved instead of the traditional two people. There are two variants of a threesome –

  • MMF – MMF consists of two males (MM) and a female (F) engaging in sexual activity with each other. One male can either wait for his turn for intercourse or both males can engage in double penetration with the female simultaneously.
  • MFF – It consists of one male and two females engaging in sexual activity with each other. One female can either wait for her turn to get penetrated or both females can engage in intercourse with the male simultaneously, with one woman performing oral sex on the other.

If one is interested, there are several threesome dating websites available in the market.