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If you are a business that currently uses two-way radios or investigating using two-way radios for workplace communication, you would be asking whether you need to use a two way radio repeater. It is a question that is usually asked by many people, especially the communications companies. The majority of radion systems are used without radio repeaters known as simplex operations. If you operate in a small to medium-sized warehouse or plant, two-way repeaters are not used.

There are unique and special instances. A repeater is the right choice for team communications.

What is a two-way radio repeater?

The two-way repeaters are infrastructure built to amplify communication and have the following features:

  • receiver
  • transmitter
  • base station antenna

The technology combination and coverage area in workplaces as well as the building penetration for coverage will be greater. The two-way radio repeaters are used in lower signal workplaces, transmitting signals at the higher powers. It allows better communication. However, not every workplace needs a radio repeater, they are not necessary.

Why do you need a two-way radio repeater, here are the reasons:

  • Poor coverage. Poor coverage is one of the reasons why you need a repeater. It tells the users who are required to communicate away from the main base station of operations that the repeater is something to consider. There are some examples to require better coverage in the construction or transportation business with workers on the field or the road. The team must coordinate with the main office and with each other for safety and operations.
  • Poor in-building penetration. When operating a building with barriers or multiple floors the two-way radio signal requires a two-way repeater. The employees can’t go to multiple floors when instant answers will be possible with effective two-way radio communication. Some examples of buildings that benefit from this may include:
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Warehouse
    • Work sites with multiple buildings
  • Coordination of team. It is not always needed for different teams in the workplace to communicate with one another. It is more of a nuisance than a factor in productivity. Having a repeater may fix the problem. For instance, the events facility has the following:
  • Number of different teams
  • Security
  • Food vendors
  • Technical teams

These facilities work to make an event run flawlessly. Having different channels for several departments makes for seamless communication. If teams need to communicate with all boards, that is an option too!

The next task is to look for an affordable two-way radio repeater.