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Finding a school is one of the necessary decisions you must make as a student. The school you choose will be responsible for helping you improve your English skills. It will be the one to prepare you for life in an English-speaking country. You must take your time looking for the right language school. You will learn some tips on how to find an English school that will fit your budget and needs.


When you are looking for the best school, you have to think about the location of your English language school. You will have to spend more time in the school where you need to be near the school so you can get there fast, like english tuition centre bukit timah. The place must also be convenient for you to where you work, live, and where you like to go during your free time.

Class size

The best class size is between 10 and 20 students. The smaller the class, the more effective learning English will be. It will be easier to handle and teach a smaller class, and you as a student will learn from each other, which is impossible when you belong to a bigger group. The best school will offer small group activities and one-on-one tutoring sessions where you can connect with your teacher.

Cost of the program

You should pay attention to the cost when looking for an English school. You must think about how much you are spending on your language course and plan correctly. The prices will matter on some factors where you must check the length of the program and whether they offer some discounts for students. Some schools offer discounts when the students sign up for a few semesters at once. Others offer special pricing that will depend on the city they are located in. Ensure that you get a good choice where you can start looking for schools near your place before deciding where you have to study English.

Teacher-student ratio

When you are looking for an English language school, you must consider the teacher-student ratio. A small group size allows the teacher more time to focus on each student’s progress and offer the best quality teaching materials at a lower cost.

Finding an English school can be difficult, but you can make a solid decision with the correct information. Once you know some tips, you will understand some factors you can use when looking for an English school.