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Hip-Hop and rap have been a musical genre that has been dominated by Black artists, and that is perfectly fine. Black artists created hip-hop and rap, so it only makes sense that they dominate the music scene. Technically, black artists also create a rock which was then turned into a white artist creation without ever crediting them for their work, so every time you do listen to AC/DC, Linkin Park, and others, you should thank the greats like Little Richard that came before all of them. The genre of rap and hip hop has now expanded to everyone, and you will find people of all cultures, races, and ethnicities trying to enter the rap music scene. If you now go to a hip-hop concert, it will not be surprising to find mixed-race or even white rappers headlining the show. If you want to give other hip-hop artists a try, then you should check out Grieves, a white rapper that is currently making the rounds in rap culture.

You will find Muslim rappers, you can find British rappers that have embraced their accent in their rap in recent developments, you will find rappers coming from the Pacific, in different parts of Africa, Asia, and from white-dominated countries as well. This inclusivity has allowed for more acceptance in the genre as it is expanding and growing. Grieves is a great example in this regard, and if you have never heard a white rapper before, we suggest you give him a try. You can either listen to his music online, or you can attend one of his shows and see how that goes for you. You can go to his website or page and just find out about upcoming dates, shows, and venues that might be near you and just take it from there.