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Many people find it extremely challenging and hard to achieve their dream of having their own home. Some individuals need to dedicate almost their entire lives just to have a piece of land that they can call their own. Some need to deplete their savings accounts or sell off some of their assets just to get their dream house. This is the sad and unfortunate truth that society is getting. It is indeed heartbreaking that this kind of big dream remains unfulfilled for many and most of the time they find themselves powerless because they cannot change their current circumstances.

But today’s generation must be smart because there are now various ways of owning a home that were not available in the past. It is commonly known as a “home loan”, which is a great way for those individuals aspiring to acquire some tangible assets. For those who are unaware, home loans help people to borrow a substantial amount of money upfront. Then, the borrower will repay it gradually through various means.

Key to Home ownership through OCBC

 Explore the incredible opportunities and fantastic offers of OCBC, a trusted source of loans today. To get started on OCBC, anyone can feel free to get in touch with them at +65 6363 3333.

Personal Loan For Low Income Singapore

Now, find out how much a borrower can borrow based on their income, age, and financial status through their OCBC OneAdvisor Affordability Calculator readily available online. Also, be informed about their eligibility requirements, and these are:

  • 21 years old minimum age
  • S$300,000 minimum loan amount for Singapore private home
  • S$200,000 minimum loan amount for HDB flat

Once a potential borrower meets all the aforementioned requirements, check out their easy and convenient online loan application process:

  • Find out the loan amount a borrower needs to purchase either a private home or HDB.
  • Submit an online application and select the loan package.
  • Once the loan application is approved, a confirmation letter will be received by the borrower via email or SMS. If further information is needed, the borrower will be contacted.
  • Accept the loan offer by clicking the received link in email or SMS.

OCBC offers a personal loan for low income singapore through a simple online application without leaving your place. As simply as getting in touch with them today, anyone can already find their path to home ownership. Get the support that everyone needs through the excellent and comprehensive range of home loan packages that OCBC offers now.