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There are many factors involved in choosing a good grade of steak. In my experience, fresh is better than frozen. Red meat, especially steak, continues to age and acquire flavor and tenderness due to the presence of enzymes. A good wagyuwetrust will keep for up to 6 weeks at 0 (zero) to 2 degrees C when properly handled and packaged.

Where’s Wagyu?

You can’t buy a steak and refrigerate it at home for 6 weeks because it will go off, but packaging and processing at the slaughterhouse or factory allows whole prime cuts to be kept chilled at a wagyuwetrust controlled temperature in commercial coolers. a long time. There is simply no need to freeze it. Freezing increases the water inside the cells, breaking them up and causing the meat to lose moisture as it thaws.

Modern meat processing has greatly improved, and flash freezing at ultra-low temperatures damages meat less than it did 10 years ago. But you will still feel the difference when you compare a frozen steak with the same cut of meat that is kept fresh and chilled. I have used some exceptional cuts of frozen meat in my time. But if it is not very important, give preference to chilled rather than frozen.

Ordering Beef Products Grain feeding vs grass feeding.

Grass feeding is supposed to be more “natural” and have more “flavor”. It may have an exceptional aroma, but this is not always the case. A producer with a premium brand or an wagyuwetrust experienced beef farmer who knows how to produce quality beef can make an exceptional product by feeding cattle only grass.

It really depends on the type of grass, consistency, climate and breed of beef. This is more important than the loud words “grass-fed”. Sometimes this can mean that the meat is less marbled, or less intensively farmed, or more “naturally” raised.