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Ameren Illinois, a delivery-only electric utility, is situated in Illinois. It serves more than 1.2 million customers in more than 1,200 communities that cover 43,700 sq miles. It is a member the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, (MISO) which is responsible for managing a reliable energy market across 15 states. Ameren Illinois is a member MISO and has the chance to establish a more reliable and competitive energy market in the region.

Ameren Illinois has completed hundreds projects in the last decade to improve reliability, improve customer service and reduce costs. These efforts have enabled Ameren Illinois to pursue large-scale modernization efforts, such as upgrading its electric grid. These improvements have resulted in a more stable energy system that has greater economic benefits for the state.

Ameren Illinois was allowed to invest in the advanced smart grid under the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2011. The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is a market-based independent that manages wholesale power in 15 states in the United States, endorsed the investments. In addition, the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 helped to strengthen the smart grid program. These investments have generated over $43.5 billion in economic output, supporting more than 21,500 jobs.

Ameren Illinois also offers the Peak Time Rewards Program to help residential customers control their energy costs. Customers who reduce their energy consumption during peak times, such as summer afternoons, are eligible for rebates. Additionally the company partners with energy expert Matt Muenster to help residents cut down on their energy consumption throughout the year.

Ameren Illinois is responsible for the transmission infrastructure of the state, and is part of the Midcontinent Independent Systems Operator (MISO), which creates greater reliability for the system. The company’s electric prices include a supply cost and the transmission cost that is determined each year by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This charge allows Ameren Illinois to recover its transmission costs.

Electric Rates

Ameren Illinois has installed over 1 million smart meters. This lets the company detect and fix electrical problems. These smart devices will dramatically reduce the number of customers experiencing outages. Ameren Illinois can also use the IntelliRupter technology to complete repairs more effectively and safely. The IntelliRupter automatically cuts off the power supply to meters that have been accidentally tripped by customers. This makes repairs safer and more efficient.

Ameren Illinois is a member the Electric Suppliers List, which includes companies that have been certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission. These lists can be viewed by the public. Typically, commercial customers sign one three, two, or three-year contracts with an electric provider. Ameren Illinois will credit a customer’s account for the initial 12 months of any new contract. The credit will be added to the account of the customer each month and cannot be withdrawn.

Ameren Illinois is a great place to work. The company received a perfect score 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index. This index evaluates workplaces for LGBT equality and transgender rights. Based on employee ratings The company was also named as a “Great Place to work”.