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Transactional analysis which is also referred to as TA in short is one of the psychological methods. This particular method deals with the communication and personality of an individual. In other terms, it is a system that is used to understand human behaviour, predict it, or change it. It was founded by a psychiatrist named Eric Berne who found this in the mid-20th century. There are different concepts that are involved in transactional analysis. So, if you want to learn more about this particular process in detail, there are many platforms that you can refer to. However, if we speak of specifically in German, then one of the platforms that you can go to study transactional analysis is Transaktionsanalyse. Over hair, you will find all the details that you should know about transactional analysis and how it is a useful Psychologische Methode which in English means psychological method.


Different definitions of transactional analysis

According to different scientists, there are different definitions of transactional analysis but all of them conclude only one thing. In common, transactional analysis is defined as a psychological method that is used to deal with the communication and personality of people. There are a variety of concepts that are included in it. The communication that happened between the people is analysed in units and is termed a transaction. The definition of transactional analysis according to Eric Berne was that when a person comes in contact with another person, there are components of communication that are transferred back and forth and these smallest components of communication are termed as transactions. Now these transactions can be analysed which is known as transactional analysis.