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Wrought iron railings have a long tradition and continue to be an excellent compromise between security and decorative accents in the home. Equipped with resistance and sturdiness, they guarantee good protection of the house and its inhabitants, without however neglecting the ornamental value.

There are numerous models of gratings for windows and doors on the market, but to take advantage of all the advantages it is advisable to contact the specialists in the sector.  An artisan company specialized in the custom-made creation of grilles for fixed or opening doors and windows with 1 or more armored doors wrought iron.

For home security, railings are an effective and design solution , many solutions and ideas to protect the entrance doors and windows of the house. A 100% made in company which carries out free inspections and offers factory prices, certified products and the sale and installation carried out directly by the company, without intermediaries, to guarantee continuous and professional work.

But let’s see in detail all the advantages of wrought iron railings for doors and windows :

Duration over time

Compared to wood or vinyl, wrought iron is a much stronger material . Its robustness quality makes it difficult to destroy by malicious people, making it an excellent choice for providing home security. If it is not well treated and maintained it can be subject to rust, but it is a problem that can be easily circumvented thanks to good maintenance over time and the use of high quality paints since its creation that protect the metal from substances that could cause corrosion.

Decorative value

Being a material with malleable and elastic properties , wrought iron can be folded into different shapes and designs, thus offering an infinite number of customizable design possibilities , in tune with the architectural style and personality of the house.

wrought iron railing styles range from more modern and minimal designs to ornamental ones for more classic and traditional looks.

Wrought iron railings have an elegant and slim structure that makes them perfect for outdoors, because they don’t block the view and integrate without creating disturbances in the general aesthetics of the house. Thanks to their robust but discreet structure, the window grilles can also safely contain heavy objects , such as plant pots or decorative elements of various kinds, even in stone.


The window grilles also form a sort of protective shield for the windows, protecting the glass panels from damage, such as break-in attempts or vandalism. Railings can also be designed to keep the window surface unreachable from the outside.