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Recently, a couple decided to sell their home in Idaho and buy a new one in Oregon. They offered to pay for the home’s seller’s closing costs and some by paying $4,000 cash. But soon after the offer was accepted, banks refused to loan money for sale. The couple has lost many of their bargaining chips, with lenders debating on approving them for financing 3% interest rates or even 0% rates with extensive paperwork, which is nearly impossible for buyers who are structured differently from those who have traditional financing long-term fixed loans. Visit to learn more 


In this case, the buyer’s strategy of paying cash has been successful when borrowers are being scared off. Here are some valuable tips on how to find a home buyer who can pay instant cash.


There is no guarantee that you will get financing for your property by approaching different lending companies. It would be best if you ensured that the loan officer has enough experience and knowledge about your situation. One way to determine whether the dealer could lend you fast cash is to ask him about his service charges in underwriting, approving home loans for clients who pay in cash, and other alternatives such as endorsed securities or government securities/notes.


After you have a clear sense of the process to be followed and the loan officer’s charges, then you can move into negotiations. It would be best if you tried to negotiate lower charges since you are paying cash to the bank and, most importantly, ask for a quick response. What is more important is that quick responses are always required when negotiating with sellers of properties who expect higher prices after they realize later that they will have to put up with a longer duration before closing the deal.


The first step in finding the right kind of home buyer who can pay instant cash is to do your homework on sellers willing to accept offers with closing costs or cash. The buyers who pay cash to purchase properties are often called “flow-through” investors.


Several factors should be considered when deciding to find the right kind of home buyer who can pay instant cash. The main factor is the asking price of the property and after comparison, find out if you can go ahead with the seller’s offer or not.


Like any other home-buying action, negotiating is an art that needs time, patience, and practice.