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If you choose to work with a realtor, choose your agent wisely. Do your research and ask for recommendations from trusted friends or family who has already gone through the process. You want to find a real estate agent who is dedicated to your family and also invests in the sale of your home. Find the best looking agent in real estate with your home equity at realistic prices. Watch out for agents who do the bare minimum, slam doorknobs, and slow down screenings. So choose who understands your home. If you know your home needs renovation, find a realtor with design experience. If your home is a home improvement, look for agents who have a history of successfully selling that property. You have many options, so do your homework to find the best option for your situation.

Consider selling to investors

¬†In your situation, urgency and lack of time are the biggest challenges to successful sales. In a situation where you are selling a property in a hurry, it will be harder to get a better price because the home buyer and his agent can negotiate a lower price. In addition, you still have to pay commissions to agents and in some cases may not close the deal. Luckily, hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home isn’t your only option. The real estate market is overflowing with investors looking for new properties, and above all, buying houses as they are.

Take the right time

The housing market fluctuates throughout the year and is synchronized with each month of the calendar. It goes without saying that most homebuyers prefer to find a home in the spring rather than move in the winter. You can’t sell your home in the winter, but late February is the best time to put your home up for sale. You’re on the right track to stay ahead of the market and take advantage of the high activity during the warmer months. As we enter the end of February, make plans and prepare your home for sale. Knowing the best month to sell your home can help you get the best deal.