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Many people are amazed by the beauty of Singapore, so more and more people are planning to visit the country. It is one of those who want to experience how safe the country is and discover the other wonders. Aside from the wonders, what makes it a choice to many travelers is the comfort of how serviced apartments singapore short term offers reservations. So, if you are only in the country because of a business meeting, yet you want to feel like you are still at home, service apartments are the best.

Benefits of booking for service apartments

Like hotels, serviced apartments offer secure and luxe spaces to rest in. But, the serviced apartments in SG are much superior for long-term stays because they accommodate and fulfill your living. Yet, it doesn’t say that it is not good for a short-term stay, it just matters how good and affordable the space is to live in. The feeling of living in a pricey hotel is the same feeling of living in serviced apartments.

One big difference between the two is the space of the unit. In hotels, you simply reserve a room for yourself, while a service apartment feels like a home – fully furnished. You will have the living area and bathroom, while the availability of the kitchen area makes it unique. Indeed, you can cook for yourself, the feeling of staying in your home is real here.

Here are the benefits of getting a serviced apartment in SG:

  • Comfortable and spacious. It has a larger space than an average hotel room. The service apartment is expansive and it offers plenty of legroom for a more comfortable stay.
  • Fully-furnished apartment. You will live in a space with complete rooms:
    • Living room
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen

Indeed, the service room offers you a home with added perks of hotel-feel comforts, including WiFi and a swimming pool.

  • Greater cost-savings. When booking a reservation in the serviced apartment every month, you can have greater savings compared to staying in a hotel. The longer you stay in a serviced apartment, the higher your savings will be, which makes it the best for long-term stays. You can cook all meals in the apartment and laundry service meals.
  • Better accessibility. Many are staying in the serviced apartments for months, making it more convenient for business travelers, including those tourists. You can save on travel costs with the desirable locations in the business districts.

Never miss out on the offer of serviced apartments, especially during holidays.