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The project Lexicon is a word game that must cross the center star by forming the words in the box. The word must be formed by adjusting at least one of the letters from the prior turn. The adjusted letters are combined to form another letter. You can use either a vertical row or a horizontal row.

While there are many online word games to choose from, project LEXICON provides practical gameplay for learning new words and their spelling on the grid. It can be played with friends to learn about your knowledge and improve it. You can customize this game in several ways, and there are also additional features that will enhance your gaming experience.

The game board looks similar to use either by you or with friends. You can use Word Chums cheats to play all these games. The majority of the words in the game are similar to those found in a scrabble dictionary. So, by playing this game, you can learn new dictionary words and their meanings. It helps improve your knowledge.

project LEXICON

The words you find determine, how many points the game gives you. Points are built based on the number of letters in the word you discovered. To win the game, you need to score more than your opponent. The game will end when you don’t have any valid words on the tiles to spell. You can play until all the tiles are filled with suitable words. It will be more enjoyable to play with your friends and will also provide more information.