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There are millions of WordPress users, and quite a number of them create websites daily. Launching a new website can be quite daunting for the first time, sometimes every time. There have been numerous failed sites, and this article gives you a few important wordpress tips on making your website debut nowhere near that list.

–        Get the proper hosting plan: WordPress, unfortunately, doesn’t host

websites. Choosing the right host is a crucial element in creating your website. Your host needs to have HTTPS support and some other significant requirements. WordPress recommends web hosting alternatives like blue host and dream host.

–        Install Google Analytics: This cannot be emphasized enough, Google

benefits of web developers

Analytics is a ‘must have’ for your site. It lets you track user activities like clicks, purchases, and even comments on your site.

–        Install an SEO plugin: A WordPress SEO plugin makes it easier to optimize

your site for SEO and create organic traffic.

–        Pick a quality theme: Your theme should match whatever website you want to create and should be responsive on all mobile devices. Live demos of themes are available to try out on WordPress before installation.

–        Proper security: Installing plugins that limit the number of login attempts

stops anyone from accessing your website by trying to guess its password.

Not having a deeper knowledge of the workings of creating a website can mess things up for you; these wordpress tips give you a rundown of the things you need to make your website a success.