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An attorney and manager explain why a law firm performs a conflict check before taking a legal case in a company. An attorney will handle different cases in a company case, such as:

  • construction law
  • business litigation
  • real estate litigation

The conflict check software is used by an attorney and the manager to ensure no conflicts of interest before taking a case. The platform makes an aggregated database of available lawyers at the given law firm where users can search using details about the case or client. The law firms can work these searches using various filters and the results show whether each attorney has a conflict of interest in the case. The conflict check tool confirms to law firms that the lawyers’ commitment to their clients can’t be impacted by outside situations.

Also, the conflict check tool helps law firms ensure their compliance with the state bar rules of professional responsibility. These tools must integrate with various legal software, which includes legal case management software.

Optimize conflict check process

Examining the law firm’s conflict check process from start to end, helps you determine which steps are automated and streamlined for enhanced accuracy.

Thorough and super speedy client conflict check

Before an administrator sends a new client or a new matter for the existing client, it sends a firmwide email including basic client and details. It asks the recipients to reply with conflicts. The method is susceptible to human error, such as:

  • Oversight
  • Neglect

Ideally, the firm’s software program fully integrates to clear the way for the digital search on all data sources, such as:

  • email
  • contact
  • timekeeping
  • accounting
  • CRM
  • document management systems

But, it is hard to accomplish the level of interoperability in disparate software tools. The IT teams spend time and money trying, but the result may not be reliable. A sole all-in-one legal practice management platform will allow you to work a single conflict check reaching all the data sources. Many offices share information in a cloud-based system for the complete checks you feel confident in.

The cloud-based practice management system with built-in conflict check functionality ensures distributed offices stick to ethical guidelines and the strictest rules in each check.

Now, if you think that there is a conflict within your work premises that needs legal action, then you should look for this conflict check tool. It doesn’t only help you, but also the legal firms who will investigate the case.