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The built-in microwave is integrated below the kitchen counter or into a kitchen cabinet. The kitchen appliance offers the same functions that fit into the kitchen. Yet, there is more to it than simply the appearances. There are advantages of a built in microwave oven singapore in the kitchen with advanced features of the best-selling brand.

Advantages of built-in microwave

Having a built-in microwave in the kitchen has several advantages:

  • Space saver. The built-in microwaves are a great space saver, a solution for all kitchens, even if the kitchen is small. It is because the countertop is the most valuable area in the kitchen. It is where all food preparation work is done. Thus, a built-in microwave can save counter space by taking less room than the over-the-range or standalone model.
  • With a larger capacity of more functions. In comparison with the freestanding microwaves, the built-in microwave has a larger cavity capacity. It has a grill function with auto-cook menus for food. It guarantees the family that there is always something to eat.
  • It offers a great look. Having a built-in microwave keeps the kitchen clean as you don’t have to worry about the cords and plugs. In turn, it makes the kitchen appear stylish and modern.
  • Increases safety. The built-in microwave will offer increased safety as it promotes children’s safety. It has a child safety lock to prevent them from opening the door.

Advanced features of a built-in microwave

Aside from the basic function of a microwave, it heats the food, the built-in microwave has various features making it a staple kitchen appliance. Here are the advanced features of this modern built-in microwave:

  • Grill function. You will enjoy a wider variety of grilled cuisine, pre-heating is not necessary.
  • Auto-cook menus. It saves the fuss of looking up the temperature and cooking time for optimum food quality.
  • Electric door openin It has a touchscreen panel that gives easy access to the microwave, the microwave door opens swiftly with just one touch.
  • Easy cleaning. It has a seamless cavity with full glass and a touch panel on the exterior that makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

Are all microwaves in a built-in system?

No, not all microwaves are built-in, thus microwave manufacturers produce different microwave designs for various types of installation, such as:

  • Built-in cabinets
  • Countertop placement

So, if you are planning to install a microwave in the kitchen, you should check first if the microwave you choose is a built-in one.